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Dancing with the Stars

This is a Tumblr devoted to all things DWTS! Whether it is pictures, videos, news or other things related to the ballroom. I have also decided that I will answer any questions you may have as well as post anything you guys submit to me. So let's make this a successful blog shall we!
Aug 21 '14

New Judge!

So on GMA this morning, our show announced a new permanent fourth judge. And that is… JULIANNE HOUGH. She will be joining Len, Bruno and Carrie Ann on the judging panel this season. Personally, I don’t feel like a fourth judge is necessary. And there is one person I would have picked before her (Shirley Ballas). But I like Julianne and I think she’ll do a fantastic job and will up the quality of critiques for everyone. Thoughts?

Aug 14 '14

Anonymous asked:

What do you think of having guest judges filling in for Len (as opposed to guests as additional judges)? Also, please join me crying in a dark corner over Sharna not being on the show :(

Well I’d rather have that because A) Len is still doing SCD and he’s not getting younger. Meaning that flight every week is going to take a lot out of him. And B) I hated having four judges every week for 7 weeks straight it takes valuable time away from the dances and getting to know the couples through the after performance interviews or the packages.

And I’m hoping Sharna will be on the show still in some capacity.

Aug 13 '14

Anonymous asked:

From the tweets of Sharna's boyfriend it looks like she had no idea she wasn't coming back :(

Yeah I know. Val and Sharna said they find out the same time we do at BWAT. So she was just as blindsided if not, even more than we were. But I love how Paul is sticking up for his lady. Fellas, that’s how you do it.

Aug 13 '14

Anonymous asked:

Pretty heartbroken that Sharna won't be competing this season :(

Feel the same way. It’s pretty unfortunate. 

Aug 13 '14

Pros for Season 19


Val Chmerkovskiy
Tony Dovolani
Derek Hough
Mark Ballas
Artem Chigvintsev
Keo Motsepe


Karina Smirnoff
Cheryl Burke
Witney Carson
Peta Murgatroyd
Emma Slater
Allison Holker

Not sure how I feel about Derek being back. They must have gotten someone super special for him to be back. Otherwise, I’m know that he was on his way out. Also I’m extremely bummed about Sharna. The show really doesn’t seem to like her. Basically sabotaging her and Charlie last season and then kicking her out of the pro lineup for this season for Allison. Nothing against Allison but Sharna is a ballroom dancer. Allison is not. Also, what is with the non ballroom dancers being on the show? First Tyne and now Allison. Although Allison will fare a good bit better, it still irks me when there are ballroom dancers out there that I know would love to have this job. Not surprised about Artem joining. And I’m so excited and happy about having our first black pro! Hopefully Keo is great because I really want him to represent! Umm not surprised by anyone else. Happy Karina is back as she is my second fave.

PS Apparently the switch up is back (UGH) and Len will be gone for part of the season (makes sense, since he’s old and SCD is going on also) so there will be guest judges to fill in for him.

So what are your thoughts on the pro lineup this season?

Aug 11 '14

Announcement on GMA on Wednesday

I think it has to do with the pros and which ones are going to be on this season. The actual cast announcement is September 4!

Aug 5 '14

I never do this but this samba was so great that I had to give an honorable mention to it for my list of top 10 sambas. 

Aug 3 '14

Anonymous asked:

What's your favorite latin style, your favorite ballroom style, and your favorite over all style? And any possible examples of your favorite?

Latin- Paso Doble and my fave would be Nicole and Derek’s 50s Paso and Sabrina and Mark’s
Ballroom- Quickstep- Shawn and Derek

Overall- Argentine Tango since it’s neither ballroom nor Latin (or at least one of the standard ten dances) and my fave ATango would have to go to Nicole and Derek.

Aug 3 '14

Anonymous asked:

Do you like the theme weeks that dwts has been famous before in the past?

No. I actually hate them for the most part. There have been a few that I actually have enjoyed like Disney week, Latin week (when everything is Latin a la season 14) and maybe one or two more.

Aug 3 '14

Anon Hour

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