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Dancing with the Stars

This is a Tumblr devoted to all things DWTS! Whether it is pictures, videos, news or other things related to the ballroom. I have also decided that I will answer any questions you may have as well as post anything you guys submit to me. So let's make this a successful blog shall we!
Sep 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

UGH, I really like Keo!!! I saw a bunch of stuff of his before and I LOVED him in the routine they did introducing the new pros... I'm upset he didn't get a different partner with whom he could do better

I don’t think the producers were expecting for Lolo to self-destruct the way that she did. She’s an Olympian and they have a history of doing decently well to amazing on this show. I at least thought she would move more fluidly given the fact that she is an Olympic athlete in two different sports and should have some awareness as to how her body moves. And I don’t even like her. So I know a lot of other people were thinking she would make it to at least week 5.

Sep 16 '14

Dancing with the Stars Season 19 Week 1 Results

Hello everyone. I’m just gonna be honest, I didn’t see the first half of the show. I got stuck in traffic. I heard Alfonso got the encore which was much deserved. But I saw the last 30 minutes. So let’s just go through what I know. 

Lea/Artem, Michael/Emma, Betsey/Tony and Lolo/Keo were the in jeopardy couples. And our real bottom two was Betsey and Tony and Lolo and Keo. And Lolo and Keo are the first couple eliminated. A surprise to absolutely no one. Well next week is “My Jam” week. I have no idea if there will be a results show next week but we’ll find out next week. So with that said, see y’all next week/later this week!

Sep 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

Can we do a trade of Julieanne for Carrie Ann.... That would be a wonderful show

You don’t know how many times I was thinking that last night. But again I don’t wanna completely get rid of her because there have been the few times when Len and Bruno are absolutely wrong and CA gets it right. It’s weird.

Sep 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hey thank you for your feedback!I really love Julianne as a judge and the hate she is having is making nonsense (haters gonna hate), however with this fourth judge they don(t have time for the judges' comments and that's bad. In france we also have 4 judges however they all have time to give their impressions. I think they should change that for the other weeks and find a way to reorganize everything.

Julianne is great as a judge. She’s super insightful and just nice. People on the Internet just always have to be mad at something. And on this show, it seems easiest to get mad at a Hough. For whatever reason.

As far as the judging goes, I think because CAI and Bruno are so used to going on long, unnecessary and flat out ridiculous tangents that they don’t realize they can’t do that anymore with 4 judges and 13 couples in a 2 hour show. It just doesn’t work. So since they didn’t allow both of them to talk at least once that I’m aware of, I think they’ll settle down and start saying what needs to be said.

Sep 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

What did you think of the overall production last night? I felt it was very poor. Like, they were setting up the stage behind Tom, and he made a joke that they thought the premiere was the next night. A stage hand grabbed Michael and Emma at the last minute. There were technical difficulties in Lolo and Betsey's dances. I'm really hoping that these were just minor difficulties of the first night...but I feel it was more of a mess than other seasons. Your thoughts?

Last night was pretty bad in terms of production but I think it’s normally like that during the season premiere. I think that comes with it being the first live show of the season. At least it wasn’t like last season that was the biggest mess of a premiere I’ve ever seen. Actually last season as a whole was awful in terms of production. So in comparison, this wasn’t so bad. The few problems that happened will sort themselves out (hopefully) by at least week 3.

Sep 16 '14

Dancing with the Stars Revised Predictions

Now that the performance show is out of the way, I can more clearly gauge how I think everyone will do. Let me tell you all right now that everything drastically changed. So let’s just get started.

13. Lolo and Keo

12. Antonio and Cheryl

11. Tommy and Peta

10. Betsey and Tony

After last night’s display, Lolo and Keo are as good as done. She definitely came off as a very negative person last night. And first impressions are everything. Unless Antonio somehow got so lost in the shuffle that he’s gone tonight (and this could happen), Lolo is done. Antonio is another one that kind of sealed his fate as an early exit. He is a decent dancer but there’s nothing really to him. He got lost after all was said and done last night and he could possibly be the first one gone if Lolo has a huge built in fanbase voting for her. He was just really cold. Tommy and Betsey bought themselves extra weeks by their showing tonight. Both showed that they can actually move well for their ages and both have personality for days. However, both of their ages will limit them in what they can physically do to keep up with everyone else.

9. Jonathan and Allison

8. Tavis and Sharna

7. Michael and Emma

I’m not entirely sure how Allison’s fanbase lines up in terms of DWTS. I know she has a big one but do they watch the show and will they vote for her. Jonathan I have no idea about. His fanbase is an unknown as of now. Tavis could possibly go further if he continues to do well. But for now, I think he’s a safe bet at placing 8th. Michael seems to have a lot going in his favor. The only problem is that the six ahead of him are much better dancers and all except for maybe one, are just as likable as he is.

6. Janel and Val

5. Lea and Artem

4. Randy and Karina

Janel moved herself up one spot for me just because some other people *cough Lolo cough* shot themselves in the foot. I think top 6 is all they’ll get. I feel like they’re going to be an afterthought in the coming weeks. I feel like she is most at risk for a “surprising” elimination. Lea I think will get to the semi finals. Nothing wrong with that at all. But I feel like she may get lost in the end as well. Randy I can see taking everyone by surprise and getting fourth. He’s a good dancer and he’s got Karina as a partner. He’s nice, he’s a good partner and he wants to be there. I think that will translate well into votes to get him very far.

3. Bethany and Derek

2. Sadie and Mark

1. Alfonso and Witney

The top three are pretty self explanatory. All three are good dancers, all three have nice fanbases coming in and all three will appeal to the a lot of the general audience which is the key audience to have behind you on this show. The general public can make the difference. I just feel Alfonso and Witney are the ones to beat. 

So there’s my revised list. As you can see, a lot changed. Let me know what you all think?

Sep 15 '14

Dance of the Night

Alfonso and Witney tore this dance up! Brought down the house. Just destroyed everything. What a way to set the standard for the season!

Sep 15 '14

Dancing with the Stars Season 19 Week 1 Performance Show: 13 Stars, 3 New Pros, 1 New Judge and a New Producer?

Hey all. Welcome to another season of DWTS. I’m back from last season and I’m ready to get this thing started! So I did not see the opening number and have no opinions on that. However, I heard it was pretty wack and that I wasn’t missing much of anything. So we have 13 couples and 4 judges (Welcome back Julianne!) which meant that the show was pressed for time. So everything was kind of a mess. But with all that said, let’s start!

Antonio and Cheryl- Cha-cha (Score=25)- Remember with 4 judges, all of the scores are now out of 40 points. Anyway, Antonio seems like a decent enough guy. He and Cheryl’s chemistry is barely present. The dance was decent but again, there was nothing to it. He’s just a pretty um non eventful guy. Nothing wrong with that but he just does not stick out. His dance was good for the most part except for his flat feet and just not really feeling the music well. I hope Cheryl can break him out of that and they last a while because she said that this is probably her last season.

Lea and Artem- Foxtrot (Score=32)- Welcome to the show Artem! And Lea is a beautiful mover. She’s just so fluid. I know I’m gonna love watching her because her quality of movement is exquisite. I worry about her moving too pretty in her Latin dances though, a la Melissa Rycroft. But her ballroom dances will be something to look forward to this season. She just has to work on her frame and posture a bit more and she’ll be golden.

Janel and Val- Jive (Score=29)- Okay jive is a terrible first week dance. Because not only do you have to learn how to dance properly, you also have to work on synchronicity being absolutely perfect. Now, for all of the talk about how amazing this couple was going to be from Val, GMA and literally everyone else in the world, going as far as to even say she’s Val’s perfect partner, they were probably the most disappointing couple of the night. First, Bang Bang is an awful jive song. So that did them no favors. But it was also kind of sloppy, and there was very little jive in the routine. The costume, although cute (it looked like a rehashing of the costume Ariana Grande wore at the VMAs this year) didn’t help at all either because it magnified every single mistake that Janel made. But she’ll be good. This just wasn’t her dance to show it.

Lolo and Keo- Cha-cha (Score=22)- Welcome to the show Keo! And hopefully you’re taking this all in now because I think these two are in the most danger of going home tomorrow night. There was nothing wrong with the dance itself. However, Lolo lost it super early and never got back on. She was incredibly robotic and stiff in her movements. Now that normally wouldn’t be a problem in week 1 if you at least have a decent attitude. But nope, her attitude was awful as I expected it to be. Glad to know she’s exactly the same in real life as she is on Twitter. She probably could have gotten by this week if she had not gotten worked up the way that she did. But whatever I guess.

Betsey and Tony- Cha-cha (Score=20)- Betsey is a hoot! She is quite energetic and lively for a 72 year old woman. I really love that her go to thing is the cartwheel into a split. Love it. Anyway, I enjoyed their dance for what it was. She’s definitely better than some of the other older women on this show have been (Cloris, Valerie and possibly Florence). And she’s super flexible. But she just doesn’t move as well as everyone else. And that part at the end that they messed up was such a shame. She’ll probably only be around until week 4 tops. But she’ll be enjoyable every week until then.

Tavis and Sharna- Foxtrot (Score=29)- Tavis was the first big surprise of the night. I was expecting for him to be a bit of a mess. But he wasn’t. Sharna really got him looking comfortable and able to actually perform. He kind of reminds me a bit of Warren Sapp. Big guy, light on his feet and super charming. Although Tavis is charming in his own way. He’s gotta work on his footwork now. He has to get that right. Idk but I have high hopes for this couple this season. I think they’ll be part of the Dark Horse Duo this season.

Sadie and Mark- Cha-cha (Score=34)- Wow! I knew Mark was happy with Sadie and I knew he was really getting into it this season, meaning that she was good. I did not think that she would be as good as she was. Especially as a 17 year old girl coming from the background that she comes from. Her legs are super long and she knows exactly how to work them. I think that was the most incredible part. I do agree with Julianne about her needing to be more grounded, because she had a few issues every now and then but man, she is one to watch. The 9s were a little high but that’s whatever as of now.

Michael and Emma- Cha-cha (Score=25)- Michael is such a fun guy. He’s so cool and I think he’ll be another person that is going to have an amazing time and it will be fun just to watch him have fun. Do I think he’s going to be the second coming of Bill Engvall? No. There are a ton of people that are super fun this season so he can’t make it on just that. But I do think he’ll make it to at least week 5 if he keeps dancing decently and keeps having fun with Emma. That’ll definitely get us to continue voting for him.

Jonathan and Allison- Jive (Score=30)- Welcome to the show Allison! I know I was hard on you, but you’ve proven to be more than capable of giving Jonathan a good dance. Jonathan and Allison are so hyper. And they just feed off of each other and it’s great to see that. He definitely was another one that surprised me. I originally thought he was going to be terrible, but he’s not. He’s pretty good and he had a jive. So great things are probably to come from these two in the future. All I can say for them is to work on footwork and to also get Allison to tone down her dancing a tad so she doesn’t eclipse Jonathan.

Tommy and Peta- Cha-cha (Score=27)- And another surprise. First because this wasn’t a trainwreck, it was actually decent. Second, because I think Peta has proven to be a good teacher and choreographer now by getting him to do a dance like that and move the way he did. I had written him off as the first person to be eliminated this season, but that will not happen. He’s cool, he’s having fun, Peta is having fun and they’re not terrible. I think once the faster dances come, he’ll start having a lot of problems but for now, they’ll be fine. 

Randy and Karina- Foxtrot (Score=31)- Randy is so good. He is part two of the Dark Horse Duo this season. Like Tavis, he’s a big guy that is light on his feet and super charming. He partnered Karina extremely well. And I think his footwork is decent for the most part. I worry about him doing Latin dances right now as he still seems a tad bit hesitant, but again, another great surprise. When Karina is screeching loudly, you know she got a good one.

Bethany and Derek- Jive (Score=32)- So many surprises tonight! Bethany was much better than I thought she would be. I didn’t think she would be bad but I didn’t think she would be as tight and as clean as she was tonight. Having jive in week 1 showed it’s disadvantages again, as she lost steam toward the end. Julianne was right about the parts in between movements that sort of have no energy. When she dances, it’s full on energy. But those moments in between are kind of dead. She has to sustain that energy that she radiates, throughout the entire dance. But I think these two will go far.

Alfonso and Witney- Jive (Score=36)- And that folks is why Alfonso is the one to beat. BECAUSE HE TORE THE HOUSE DOWN! I have not been that excited about a week 1 performance since Amber’s cha-cha. And this is only the third time in the show’s history that I have felt like that during week 1 (Sabrina in season 5, then Amber). Witney’s choreo was insane. The dance was everything. Alfonso is going to be tough to beat this time around. I think everyone is going to be playing catch up this season with these two. Because they are firecrackers.

So that’s it! The show itself was a mess. Erin has gotten much much better. I love Julianne as a judge. And there were a ton of surprises. The night was pretty decent in terms of dancing. And the personalities in this cast are probably some of the best that I’ve seen to date on a single season. I do think that Lolo and Antonio are in danger of going home tomorrow with an outside chance of Betsey leaving. What are your thoughts? Let me know and I will talk to you all, tomorrow for the results show!

PS Thanks you guys for getting me to 800+ followers. I really appreciate it and thank you all for following me! It means a lot to me. Honestly.

Sep 15 '14

Anonymous asked:

Hi! Just wondering what is you twitter?


Sep 15 '14

Tonight’s the Night!

I will be livetweeting the show although I see it an hour later than the eastern and the central time zones. So let me know if you wanna follow me to have discussions there!